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DIORCO demonstrates AUTOLIGN to Ajou University’s graduate students of Clinical Dentistry

On Thursday, 28th of March 2019 DIORCO introduced AUTOLIGN to Clinical Dentistry graduate students of Ajou University. The demonstration started with a brief introduction by Professor from Ajou University Clinical Dentistry, CHAE Hwa-Sung also a user of AUTOLIGN. The demonstration lasted for an hour.

At DIORCO’s first demonstration to graduate students, DIORCO released trial version of AUTOLIGN to all graduate students to experience the AUTOLIGN software Graduate students experienced the World’s first 3D Orthodontic software with patented Auto-Align Technology. Students were pleased by AUTOLIGN's smart, easy and fast orthodontic process, they were particularly impressed with the dramatically shortened Orthodontic SETUP process and intuitive display of result images.

For Clinical Dentistry Univ./ Graduates demonstration:

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