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Autolign Update

The following features have been updated.

AI Segmentation / Bone Adjust / Pontic / Cutting Line / Direct Aligner / Hollow Export / Copy Layer

Download and run the update installation file below to automatically apply the update.

※ Please note, the update is only available for PCs with version installed.

How to check the version

Path : Right-click on C:\Autolign\Autolign.exe, then click on Properties ->
In Properties, check the File Version under the Details tab.

Notice : Users of DICAON4D and CS Ortho2 should also use the update installation file above to update.
           However, the UI and product name will be displayed as Autolign.

Feature Details

Installation is only possible on PC

1. AI Segmentation

Al-based tooth segmentation function.

2. Bone Adjust

You can adjust the position of the mandible using the Mandible Adjust dialog.

3. Pontic

A feature to add virtual teeth in areas where teeth are missing.

4. Cutting Line

This function automatically creates and edits lines for sheet cutting.

5. Direct Aligner

A feature to create a shell for direct printing of aligners.

6. Hollow Export

A feature to hollow out the model and save it as STL.

7. Copy Layer

A feature to load the setup information from the previous or next layer.

If the update fails or you need technical support, please contact our customer service below.

E.    T. 070-5030-3037

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