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<Anyone can do clear aligner, dentOne seminar photo-1>

On 21st of August, 'Anyone can do clear aligner with dentOne' seminar was held in Gangnam by Diorco Co., Ltd. dentOne clear aligner design platform does not require an expensive dongle (USB) key to access the tool. It is developed so that anyone can design clear aligner easily and conveniently on cloud environment.

This seminar was planned to teach professionals on how to use clear aligner platform dentOne and basics & know-how of degital aligner design.

Vast number of clinicians and technicians expressed their interest which resulted the lecture venue to be moved to larger space due to exceeding number of applicants.

Clinicians who participated the seminar resolved their concerns on purchasing expensive clear aligner software and manufacture order to clear aligner labs with dentOne.

Dental labs whom used to focused on prosthetics could expand their business area with minimum investment and expressed satisfaction with dentOne and the seminar course.

Speaker, doctor Cha Hyeon-in (Yeoido Baeksang Dental Clinic) previously ran the courses without clear aligner design software were also satisfied because participants were able to experience design software provided dentOne, help them understand further.

Doctor Cha also showed great expectation on his participants to understand design methods using layers and how this seminar would activate clear aligner market reflecting the latest trends.

<Anyone can do clear aligner, dentOne partners photo-1>

A lot of interest were also held near the entrance of the seminar room on equipment and materials prepared by our partners.

Seminar host Diorco Co., Ltd. also commented that over 80% of the participants requested additional course for more intensive course.

Also, they would participate numerous exhibitions and congresses starting this September.

dentOne clear aligner platform which has been thoroughly prepared for global market is already expanding its users through oversea seminars.

<Vietnam online seminar photo>

@ Written and Photo : diorco Marketing Team

WEBINAR Reminder :

How we use DentOne

Join the webinar to learn how you use the DentOne platform to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of a clear aligner design.

Our consultants would guide you through basic usages as the following schedules.

웨비나에 참여하여 DentOne 플랫폼 사용법을 배워보세요.투명교정장치 디자인의 효율성과 경쟁력을 향상시킬 수 있습니다.

다음 일정에 맞춰 기본적인 사용법을 안내해 드립니다.


한국어 (Zoom link)

English (Zoom link)

Please don’t hesitate to access the webinar!

We are sure you succeed with DentOne, a free, easy and progressed Platform.

Thank you.

망설이지 말고 웨비나에 접속하세요!DentOne이 여러분의 성공과 함께 할 것입니다.


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