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Value of Life

I live a simple life where I go to work and come back home not bound to time. I usually get small enlightenment from my reads. Sell ‘Value’ instead of ‘functions’ Questions I keep ask myself are Who am I, what values can I offer with my career, what can I do and What should I do. We must continue ask ourselves about finding happiness in the workplace with our members.

I read one book, I discovered simple, yet big difference of an excellent Show host and the opposite. Excellent show host sells ‘value’ while the other one sells ‘functions’.

For example, Typical show hosts are busy selling clothes with only explaining its features and functions. Buttons of clothes, what kind of fabric, how it is better than other brands. But good host thinks of values that imbues the customers who wears it.

He imbues idea of self-esteem and focus to sell that to customers.

If you promote hearing aid with functions, it is merely a tool with 100 frequency response per second. But if you promote its values, it is quality of life of one person with hearing problems.

Learning Different language as function means fluent conversation with others, but if you sell value of learning new language, it is window to boundless space beyond and you get to see people all around the world. Mont Blanc sells the value of “Symbol of Success”. If you promote smartphones with functions, it is wider screen, bigger storage and better camera but if you sell values, it may be “freedom” or “communication”.

However, Most of people sell ‘functions. With my career, I meet a lot of sales people, but more than 90 % Sales professional focus on ‘functions’. Only 10% of them focus on the ‘Value’

We of all people does sale every day even though you might not be a sales person. We sell our values to get jobs and to get love. Your university and your GPA are functions. What is your real value that hidden under all those social requirements? If you focus on that you might get your dream jobs and loves you seek dearly.

Functions are material like. What intangible values can I offer to others? What is my value? Well, Lets think about that.

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