The World’s First 3D Orthodontic Software with Auto Teeth Alignment Technology

Data Management
You can digitally store a patient’s teeth model.
3D Setup
Complex and time-consuming setup process gets easier and faster with AUTOLIGN’s various functions.
You can create a model for each step.

Generates various layout charts automatically without any additional work
Smooth slide show functions.


Complex and time-consuming setup process gets easier and faster with AUTOLIGN’s various functions.




Easy use intuitive interface for everyone
3D setup within 10 minutes
Within 15 µm margin of error through real-time collision management
Real-time collision management
Real MESH™, a high-capacity parallel processing engine, calculates how to manage teeth collision in real time.
* Real MESH™: DIORCO’s own geometry processing engine optimized for dental software
One-Click Auto Teeth Alignment
Easy Data Management
Anyone can easily register patient data.
Fast Tooth Segmentation
The teeth and gingiva on a patient model can be segmented faster than before
Quick 2-point setting on each tooth 30 seconds
Convenient and precise detailed fine-tuning
Tooth Axis & FA/Facc 
Precise tooth setting
Edit Tooth 
You can edit tooth shape
Multiple Setup
You can complete multiple 3D setups
Tooth Control
​With automatic screen transition, you can set torque/tip quickly
Intuitive Tooth Property
​Extraction, fixation, and IPR using intuitive interface
You can set incisor and molar locations more precisely by superimposing lateral X-rays
Various Analysis Tools 
You can check symmetric lines, reports, tooth movement information, etc.
Tooth movement information
Modeler - Auto Contact Check
​You can check whether there is a tooth collision at each step
Bracket Auto Contact
​Brackets are attached automatically on tooth surface
Common Tools
​Overlap / Occlusal contact / Animation 

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